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From Manufacturers
to Furniture Stores


Our clients value the extra steps we take to protect their furniture from damage, dependable delivery schedule, and customer-oriented drivers. Keystone Transport was started because of a need in the furniture industry for a higher-quality, specialized, consistent delivery service from the manufacturer to the store.

The idea has proved to be quite popular.

We take a different approach to furniture freight services.

As furniture makers ourselves, we know how important it is to keep customers happy. When our furniture would get delivered late or damaged (or both!), it was frustrating for us and our customers. We knew there had to be a better way. So we set out to change the furniture delivery business.


Protecting Your Furniture

Great care is placed in moving and delivering your furniture each step of the delivery.

During transport, each piece is blanket-wrapped, protecting it from scratches and dings. Tie-down straps prevent any unwanted movement during the trip.

We plan each truckload based on that week’s route, so there is no unnecessary moving of the furniture.

We take these precautions to ensure your furniture arrives on time and undamaged. Since we started, the amount of furniture we’ve returned to the manufacturer due to delivery damage is less than one-quarter of 1%.

When you partner with Keystone Transport, we provide the following:

  • Based on our delivery schedule, most furniture picked up at the manufacture week one, will be delivered the following week.
  • We handle each piece’s complete delivery journey – from manufacturer to staging in our warehouse, to final delivery at your store or warehouse.
  • Each piece of furniture is blanket-wrapped and protected from pick up to final delivery.
  • Each piece is clearly tagged for accurate handling and routing.
  • State-of-the-Art Notification and Tracking, right to your phone.
  • Delivery trucks are equipped with tablets to provide accurate navigation, real-time communication, and electronic logging for DOT safety compliance.

Real-Time Order Tracking and Notification

From the time you order to the time your furniture is delivered to you, we will keep you updated on your delivery status. Once your order ships, you can track your delivery in real time. Our email notification system and online tracking software will give you an estimated time of arrival, your driver’s info, what stop he currently is on, and what stop you are in his route. We even provide a Google Map showing the location of your driver, along with a manifest for your order.


State-of-the-Art Notifications

  • Friday, the week before delivery:
    • Each order is assigned to one of our regular regional routes and you will get an email telling you: which address, which day, what furniture, and who your professional driver will be.
    • You will also get an automated phone call alerting you which day the following we have your delivery scheduled.
    • You can track your order on our website by entering in your phone number. This will give you the scheduled delivery date and list of furniture coming.
  • The week of delivery:
    • On our website, punch in your phone number and you will get real-time tracking – showing you where the truck is.
    • An hour or two on ahead of delivery, you will get an automated phone call with and ETA (estimated time of arrival) based on the GPS location of the truck.

Pricing & Ordering

We offer competitive rates with those in the blanket-wrapped furniture delivery, with our signature care shown to your furniture. We only charge a percentage of the value of the furniture with a minimum.

Orders can be sent to us by phone, email, or fax. Orders received by noon on Monday will be picked up that week at the manufacturer, as early as Tuesday. When you order, we need the following information:

  • Address for picking up the furniture
  • Exact delivery location (either store or warehouse location)
  • A copy of the invoice from the manufacturer

We start pickups at the manufacturer as early as Tuesday, to ensure it gets on the trucks for the following week’s deliveries, based on our delivery schedule. All furniture is staged in our Myerstown, PA facility and loaded on trucks on Monday for the week’s routes.